This time of year it is always a challenge to find cheap car, van or SUV rentals in The Valley of the Sun due to Cactus League Spring Training games, among other events, but the weekend of March 31, 2017, it is going to be especially tough. And that is because, for the first time ever, Phoenix is hosting the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. From March 31 through April 3, Phoenix will be teeming with fans from Gonzaga, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Oregon.

Following the outcomes of the games in the Elite Eight® last weekend, players, coaches, scouts, and fans started searching for tickets and making reservations for hotels in and around the University of Phoenix Stadium and going on-line trying to find cheap cars, vans or SUVs to transport their groups.

As with just about everything in the travel industry, the law of supply and demand dictates that as the supply (vehicles, hotel rooms and seats on airplanes) dwindles due to increased demand, the prices are sure to increase.


If you are traveling to our beautiful sunshine state, get on the phone with Phoenix Car Rental or PHOENIX DISCOUNT Van & SUV Rental and reserve your vehicle now. We still have cars, vans and SUVs available, but the closer we get to the 31st, the smaller the selection. Call 602-904-3490 to get current rates. Or visit or for more information.

For information on the “Arizona Treasure, Arizona Tradition” that is Cactus League Baseball, visit this informative site:

And to find out more about the Final Four®, log on to


On April 3, 2017, at 9 p.m., the two winning teams from the Final Four® games will play in the National Championship game in the University of Phoenix Stadium. Best of luck to the Gonzaga Bulldogs, Oregon Ducks, North Carolina Tar Heels, and the South Carolina Gamecocks.